A Blog: A Narrative Tribute to My Dad, A Great Man, John Schultz

16 thoughts on “A Blog: A Narrative Tribute to My Dad, A Great Man, John Schultz”

  1. What a beautiful tribute to you father, Mitch, and a life well-lived — exciting, dangerous, sacrificial, adventurous, and richly fulfilling as it was. By your words of testimony and remembrance, I can sense that you and your family are finding great comfort and peace in knowing your dad ran the race strong, always keeping his eye on the goal of bringing the lost to salvation in Jesus. He left behind such wonderful stories and a family who love him, but best of all, so many who came to love God! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I was a French teacher at Toccoa Falls College from 1997 to 2022. I first met the Schultz’ at First Alliance Church of Toccoa in 1997. Both John and Janine spoke fluent French, and so, we almost always spoke French together. Whenever I had TFC students struggling with French, and since John and Jeanine lived so close to the TFC campus, I would often ask them if they could help : John would tutor and counsel young men; Jeanine would tutor and counsel young women, each student for multiple semesters at times. Countless students learned a lot more than French from these two! I thank God every time I remember John and Jeanine Schulz.

    1. Thank you for giving my parents an opportunity to continue serving in their retirement. We appreciate you so much, Dale.

  3. Oh, Mitch, this is such a beautiful narrative of your precious father’s life! What a tribute, and I know he’s smiling…and laughing. What a great man of God he was! So thankful that we had the honor of knowing him. Please write ALL of his stories. Please share them with the world. Your father is a legacy for everyone. I’ll be waiting to read them and, in turn, will give all glory back to Jesus. That’s exactly what your father would want.

  4. Thank you Mitch. Your dad showed consistent kindness and love to me as a friend. I am grateful for his example and pray comfort over all of you in these days

  5. Wow What a legacy
    Prayers and love continue to pour over your family. The faithfulness of God over this life and family.

  6. Wow, what a legacy! I think this is how every Christian man should be remembered. It forces us to ask the questions, “What am I doing with my life” and “How am I leaving an eternal impact”?

  7. A wonderful legacy. I had read your dad’s book, Stone Age Diary and googled him tonight to see where he was and I found this. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thank you Joan, this is so encouraging. Yes, he certainly left a good legacy to his family and all who knew him. Mitch

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