Podcast Ep:46 Why There is Conflict in the Church – Pastor Steve Kerhoulus

Have you ever wondered why there is so often conflict in the church? On the surface, you would think that those who come together for a common purpose of worship and serving Jesus would all get a long, but its often not that way. One reason is I think we underestimate the impact of people gathering together for that singular goal and expected to get along, but in reality often we gather with people who we might not necessarily interact with in any other setting. In this podcast episode from BYQ I want to look a bit deeper at the origins of conflict, but also talk about how there is value in conflict. I have some excellent help in having that conversation today. Over a year ago I interviewed pastor Steve Kerhoulus on gauging the right time to leave a church. We titled that podcast, Should I Stay or Should I Go. You can go back in our website and listen to that again here. Well, Steve is back and together we’re going to have a good talk we believe will be of tremendous help to you on the subject of conflict. We will certainly try to get a long as we have this conversation.

Podcast Ep.45: Helping Your Pastor Be The Best Pastor -Christopher Ash

Christopher Ash

“You and I have it in our power to demotivate our pastors, so that they are gradually ground down into a slough of despond from which they will be utterly unable to do us any good at all. But we also have it in our power so to cheer them, so to put a spring in their stop, that they will gladly do for us all that we hope and pray.” So writes Christopher Ash who I will be interviewing for this podcast today. What a great topic. How should you, the one who loves your pastor, and loves the church support your pastor so he can be the best possible pastor for you? Exciting notion, isn’t it? Enjoy, and be sure to listen to the accompany blog here!